Anderson Cooper Does A Drunk Jeff Goldblum Impression

Yesterday morning an intern at Gawker put together a montage of Diane Sawyer sounding drunk on GMA on the day after the inauguration. Then another intern put up this montage of Anderson Cooper messing up really badly many times on his own post-inaugural show. (Warning: it’s painful to watch Andy this way):

Now, maybe I’ve seen too many Jeff Goldblum videos, and Anderson clearly garbles his words in a way that can’t be faked, but this seems at least slightly slowed-down to me. I think those Gawker interns are messing with us. (UPDATE: I just emailed with Daniel Caron, who put this video together for Gawker, and he assures me that it hasn’t been altered in any way and isn’t a prank. Anderson was really that hungover. Wow.)