Jon Stewart Said What We Were All Thinking Yesterday

From Dick Cheney’s wheelchair reminding us of Dr. Strangelove and Star Wars, to Rick Warren’s soon-to-be-a-catchphrase pronunciation of “SASHA!”, to explaining to yourself why it’s okay this one time to make fun of someone because they’re in a wheelchair, Jon Stewart’s inauguration highlights summed up what all of us were thinking, in a way that was first unsettling, and then comforting. SASHA!:

Be sure to watch the Cheney moment that starts at 3:43. Zoink! (Samantha Bee and Wyatt Cenac were awesome last night as well with their reports on the new maturity (“while you were working the balls you were struck with something?”) and cool people, respectively.) I’m just sad that it will be four more years before I can tell people who asked what I did last night: “I watched balls.”