The CBS Evening News Learns The Dangers Of Live Stand-Up Reporting

I watched the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric last night, where Katie and correspondent Randall Pinkston stood on what appeared to be a traffic island in the middle of the West Side Highway to report on the plane crash. Something went very, very wrong with the audio. An unseen woman can be heard doing her own narration of the piece “That is the coolest shot! It looks like they’re standing on water!”, babbling about the weather, and saying over and over “I can still hear myself on a delay!” After about five minutes, it finally ends, and later Katie mentions having “audio problems,” but this was the worst of it. Audio fail:

At first I blamed a producer, but at the end of the piece when they go back to Katie and Randall, it becomes clear that it was a rival reporter on the same traffic island, practicing her own piece and being picked up by Randall’s mic. I would like to see the footage of Katie telling her to STFU.