The CollegeHumor Show Looks Silly. (And I Love Silly.)

Here’s a brand-new preview of MTV’s The CollegeHumor Show, which premieres February 8. It looks so different from the rest of TV, in a mid-’90s-MTV kind of good way. I will be watching this show:

(Full disclosure: when I die, I’ve asked God to let me come back as College Humor Guy Ricky Van Veen, and God has said yes, so that might constitute a conflict of interest.) While it’s hard for hard working Americans not to feel a little jealous of these kids, it’s also hard not to feel jealous of Paul Rudd (my logic is infallible!) If The CollegeHumor Show inspires just one youngster to work his way from the mailroom to the Wii-and-bong-conference-room of an internet start up instead of joining a gang, it will all be worth it.