Jon Hamm Talks To Joey Fatone, Remains Sexy While Doing So

Did you watch TV Guide’s Golden Globe red carpet coverage starring Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone? Just kidding. But they did interview Jon Hamm of Golden Globe-winning show Mad Men, who remained calm even in the presence of Joey Fatone (though he didn’t move to the nearest doorway while holding his arms high above his head, as recommended by the Red Cross.) Jon is just doing his normal thing (being in spectacularly good spirits, remaining humble) here, but it’s been a while. So Jon Hamm:

“Ten and a half years in!” reminds Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon’s longtime girlfriend who wrote and starred in Kissing Jessica Stein and now works full-time reminding the public of exactly how long she and Jon have been together, in half-year increments (though she’s considering a controversial move to week-increments.) Aww, just kidding. I’ll follow Jon Hamm Fan Internet Protocol (JHFIP) and shower praise upon the lovely Jennifer, who by all accounts is awesome and who even the hardest-core Hamm-heads (that is not a term) over on the Mad Men fan site Basket Of Kisses treat with respect. So instead: dear TV Guide, you are now owned by the same parent company as Mad Men, so don’t put Jon Hamm’s interview in a little box while you show Marisa Tomei’s pirate outfit on the big screen. That’s just wrong.