Hey, Where’s Eric Stoltz? Oh. On Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is piling on the guest stars like putting rats back on a sinking ship (what? it kinda works.) lately. Dead Denny is still there, but has worn out his welcome so thoroughly that his scenes are like a running joke. Dead Denny is like the horse’s neigh in Young Frankenstein. And what’s with that weird ventilation fan room where Christina and Owen go to blast themselves with cool air that is then sent along with their germs all around the hospital? Has Seattle Grace had a MRSA outbreak yet, because I bet it will soon. Last night we also saw Ari Gold’s wife, and Samantha Mathis, and, wait…Eric Stoltz? As a DEATH ROW INMATE? Yes, when I think of death row inmates, I think of the mime from Singles. Anyway, if you love Eric Stoltz, and everybody should, you have to see everything he’s in, so here is him being Kevin Spacey’s character from Seven or any other creepy/witty/cavalier killer (Grey’s writers only work five minutes a week, it’s in their contract) on last night’s show. Just tell me he didn’t have to audition:

Eric is supposed to be in next week’s episode as well, which means he isn’t a guest star, he has a character arc. And according to IMDB, Stoltzy has four movies in some degree of production, so let’s all stop feeling sorry for him. Stop. Now.