30 Rock: Peter Dinklage Steals Salma Hayek’s Spotlight

Much was made about Salma Hayek’s recurring role as Jack’s love interest on 30 Rock, begun last night when he hired her as his evil mother’s nurse. But despite her beauty and dramatic talent, Hayek didn’t really fit in with the pace of the show. As punchline after punchline fell flat, I couldn’t help but wish she had her own laugh track to let us know when something was supposed to be funny. The real star of this week’s episode was Peter Dinklage as the “United Nations Commissioner Of Water Temperature And Food Taint,” who a baby-crazy Liz Lemon meets on the street after mistaking him for a child. The other real star was, sigh, Sherri Shepherd, returning as Tracy Morgan’s wife to once again confuse us with her comic acting abilities. Oh, and 30 Rock mentioned a blog!

Peter Dinklage stole every scene he was in, but this one contains references to both Swingers and Kofi Annan, so, you know:

And how is it possible that the same woman who brings willful ignorance into American homes every morning on The View and believes the earth is flat can hold her own with Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin and be this hilarious? It’s like the Tom Cruise conundrum:

And the important plot point of Salma finding a lump in Jack’s testicle is overshadowed by a dig at the Huffington Post:

I don’t know what Regular America made of that, but it sure caused a stir in the Twitterverse. If only that’s how they measured the ratings.