Jay Mohr’s People’s Choice Poetry: The Sims Version!

I did not watch the People’s Choice Awards, but I did read Mark Graham’s Seven Bizarre Moments That Made The People’s Choice Awards Worth Watching on Vulture, where I was delighted and disturbed to see a quote from a speech Jay Mohr gave about/to his wife in which he said:

Not even the rain has such small hands, baby girl. I love you.

What probably seemed to cool people like the ravings of a lunatic was actually a reference to an ee cummings poem that, no shit, I still have completely memorized from back in high school when I loved ee so much I named my two goldfish “edward” and “estlin” (note the punctuation) and then proceeded to kill them by putting blue food coloring in their water to make them prettier. ANYWAY this is totally going somewhere, and that place is YouTube, where I just did a search for “somewhere i have never travelled (sic)” (the poem Jay Mohr quoted) and found this AWESOME Sims version. Awesome:

And it has BLOOPERS at the end! Nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals the power of that video’s intense awesomeness. And that, my friends, is what the internet, YouTube, the Sims, The People’s Choice Awards, Jay Mohr, and poetry are for.