“The Credit Mack Daddy” Totally Went To My Church

Our pal Cajun Boy sent over this shameful, shining example of White People Co-opting Black Culture: a local commercial featuring “The Credit Mack Daddy,” who will give the citizens of Southern Georgia deals on used cars with no credit check. While this is terrible, points should be given for the suspense in the beginning:

Ha. Ugh. Groan. Fail. But wait a second, that guy looks familiar! Oh yeah, I’m from Northern Florida, where that guy’s wacky used car commercials have been playing since I was a kid. And also he went to my church in the ’80s, where he enjoyed a bit of celebrity as the car commercial guy. I went to church with the credit Mack Daddy, so I win (and lose) the internet today. May god have mercy on our souls.