Don’t Taze Josh Brolin, Bro

Remember last summer when Josh Brolin got in trouble with the cops at a bar in Shreveport, Louisiana with his fellow W. actor Jeffrey Wright? Today TMZ sent out the video of the totally passive-seeming actors getting pepper sprayed in the face and tasered by the cops, respectively. It’s no Rodney King, but it definitely doesn’t look right. At all:

The video’s release coincides with charges being dropped today against the actors, but they still have to pay a fine. Kinda crazy! Maybe Tom Cruise is right and movie stars are the true victims after all. Jk, of course, but this video is a little disturbing when we’re used to seeing actors caught on tape being overly entitled, not hog tied on their knees. Bad Cops. This spring, Josh Brolin should un-dedicate one of his Oscars to the Shreveport PD.