Chaotic Dog Rescue Is A Christmas F–king Miracle

Normally here, we wouldn’t post an 8-minute clip of raw footage, because who has that kind of time, but this is just a very special case. It’s WORTH IT! This video, apparently filmed by a rubbernecking bystander, tells the story of a dog who fell through the ice, two cops who showed up without proper gear to save him, heroic rescuers who rush in at the last second, and a foul-mouthed family of four in crisis who, despite a last-ditch rescue attempt that leads to jail, manage to redeem themselves in the end. You want reality TV? This is reality TV:

(The first 40 seconds are a warning about language. Sorry.):

That was like the 2008 version of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. This holiday season, let’s be grateful that our moms don’t curse like that one.