Entertainment Weekly Discovers The Amazing Cult Phenomenon That Is The Room

I hate to be all “Did you see this week’s Entertainment Weekly, with its four-page article about how all the comedy celebrities and Kristen Bell are obsessed with The Room, you know, that movie I wouldn’t shut up about for the entire first week of Videogum’s existence?” but I kind of have to on this one:

”I was at Paul Rudd’s house a couple of years ago, and he said, ‘You have to watch this,”’ recalls Rudd’s frequent collaborator and Role Models director David Wain. ”Within two minutes, I’m like, ‘Okay, this is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen.’ I’ve watched it over and over and over. We’ve had a lot of fun thinking which character we’re going to play when we do our shot-for-shot remake.’

Now I understand that Entertainment Weekly can’t just say “Here’s an amazing thing,” they have to say “Here’s an amazing thing…that Kristen Bell likes,” so I won’t judge them for the severe lag time in covering this incredibly important cult phenomenon and in fact applaud their courage in being the first second mainstream magazine to do so, but if Kristen Bell’s endorsement isn’t enough, here are some clips from The Room that might show why this love-triangle melodrama by enigmatic mystery director/producer/star Tommy Wiseau is so very special.

Remember: the ENTIRE MOVIE is this ridiculous. You really have to see the whole thing to discover all the delightful little bad touches. It’s bad in every way a movie can be bad. I’m deeply saddened that The Room is currently out of stock on Amazon, but at least if you watch these clips you can consider yourself conversant in Room-speak lest you ever find yourself stranded on a deserted island with David Cross. Context can be found at the links, but really, not much context is needed:

People Are Very Strange These Days/I Did Not Hit Her I Did Not:

You Are Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!:

There’s also, as mentioned, a vibrant YouTube following for The Room. Also, this part of the article cracked me up:

It seems like the comedy community is now divided into two camps: those who have fallen in love with The Room, and those who are about to. ”It’s ridiculous that I haven’t seen this,” says Adam McKay, Will Ferrell’s longtime writing partner, and the director of Anchorman. ”I’ve been told by a dozen people that I have to go. I’ve got to find the next showing.”

Which is hilarious, because 1. They interviewed and quoted a guy who hasn’t even seen the movie the article is about and 2. I, me, a lowly blogger who is not Adam McKay, have had my very own copy of The Room for a year now. So even though the movie is currently out of stock on Amazon, I’m sure ADAM FREAKING MCKAY can get his hands on a copy. In fact, if Adam McKay is Googling himself and reading this, Adam McKay is cordially invited to a screening party at my home in Brooklyn, all he has to do is name the date. Bring wine or Paul Rudd or whatever.