SNL Just The Funny Parts: Goodbye Amy

Veteran comedy guy Hugh Laurie hosted SNL Saturday with musical guest Kanye West, and what is up with those long sketches? For example: at the 43 minute mark, there had been just five sketches. None of them were terrible, but you can’t have an eight minute sketch with one funny joke in the middle. On the plus side, they do seem to be using the new girls more, but maybe that’s because last night’s show was Amy Poehler’s last (:(). The funniest parts, after the jump.

4. Bronx Beat: I’ve never been a Bronx Beat fan because I don’t really get the references (the series could just be called “Northerners”), but since it’s presumably Amy’s last one, and because it did have its moments (“The dumbest person in England is probably smarter than the smartest person in America”), it made the list:

3. Wedding Toast: Fred Armisen as the bride’s ex boyfriend was hilarious:

2. Weekend Update: This was the best WU in a long time, despite the understandable controversy about Fred Armisen’s portrayal of Governor Paterson. I couldn’t choose a best moment (especially since there are so many callback jokes), so here’s the whole 12 minute thing, which is pretty much all funny. (Question: when Seth Myers jokes about “calling in gay”, is that his way of coming out?):

1. As noted by the internet, including Stereogum, Kanye West’s performance was cool-looking because of the background stuff, but bad-sounding because he can’t sing. So here it is, the funniest part of this week’s SNL:

It’s unfortunate that the cool background they used only contributed to the karaoke-booth aspect of the performance. Not that this will knock Kanye down a peg, because he doesn’t acknowledge the peg system, but next time he’s bragging about being the voice of this generation, of this decade, we can think of this incident and be slightly less annoyed.