Jon Stewart Explains Gay Marriage To Mike Huckabee

Last night’s Daily Show featured a two-part interview with former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. For the first part of the interview, Jon kept the discussion to issues pertaining to Huckabee’s new book, like how to explain to fiscal conservatives who want roads and schools and parks and cops that those things are what government is. But when they came back for part two of the interview, Jon took on the measured, tentative, trying-to-be-respectful tone that’s always an omen that he’s about to TOTALLY GO OFF. This time, the subject is gay marriage (and gay civil rights in general) and Jon takes Huckabee by the throat and just won’t let go. Jon wins, both because there’s no way to lose and because he’s smarter than Mike Huckabee, but it’s almost like Mike just happened to be there on the day Jon decided to launch a tirade, and even Britney Spears doesn’t come away unscathed:

Go, Jon! You know an argument has gone as far as it can go when someone resorts to invoking Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.