Make It Happen Limps Straight To DVD Today

Guess what comes out on DVD/Netflix today? Make It Happen, a Flashdance-but-with-burlesque movie that shockingly (for real), shockingly, did not make it happen to big screens (at least in America) and will be seen for the first time by American audiences on DVD. What went wrong with Make It Happen? From the trailer, it doesn’t look any worse than any teen dance movie. My theory is that what doomed this film was the casting of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who “suffers” from something called “Smart-face.” Her face is simply too suggestive of a high IQ to, like, no offense to anyone, play a professional burlesque dancer. She should be solving Vatican crimes or, like, hacking. She just doesn’t have that blank, dead-eyed look that teens look for in their dance movie heroines. But aside from that, I know plenty of people who would gladly watch this movie, ESPECIALLY if they heard it was bad.

In a world where Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is a (deserved) genre-defining slumber party dance movie classic, there’s no reason Make It Happen can’t do good DVD business. In fact, I predict a totally horribly awesome straight-to-DVD sequel. It could happen.