Stephen Colbert To Kanye: You Know Who The F I Am

The fake feud between Stephen Colbert and Kanye West has been called a lot of things, like “tiring,” but I love it. Nobody out there actually thinks Stephen’s feuds are real, right? But this one is notable for having an unmistakable ring of truth: Kanye West is totally full of himself. And probably all famous people are, you know, straddling that line between crippling insecurity and repulsive overconfidence. At least Kanye has figured out a “balance” that allows him to work, so good for him. Anyway, Stephen had more deliciously mean words for Kanye last night after Operation Humble Kanye was a success. It seems Kanye knows exactly who the fuck Stephen Colbert is. This is the funniest one yet — especially when Al Roker gets dragged into it.

So comment party: does anyone think this will end with Kanye being on Stephen’s show? Just kidding. This will definitely end with Kanye being on Stephen’s show, but I hope it gets dragged out more first. (Yes, it’s Kanyegum today.)