30 Rock: Awesome, But Where Were The Gossip Girls?

So last night’s 30 Rock, right? Liz was a mean girl in high school! They said “cat anus” five times! But there’s one little thing: isn’t this the episode in which Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were supposed to guest star as younger versions of the girls Liz terrorized in high school? Where were they? I like to think that they sucked and were cut, but that’s just the mean girl in me, I guess. Possibly they were in the background? Well, NO MATTER, because they would have only distracted from this revealing and total 10 episode. After the jump, CAT ANUS GALORE.

“Cat anus, Cat anus, Cat anus!”

Liz confesses her darkest secrets to Jack on a plane she thinks is crashing. (Also “cat anus!”):

I’m really curious about the origins of “cat anus” in this episode’s script — did they start with “cat anus,” or did they have to run through other phrases first? And WHERE WERE THE GOSSIP GIRLS?