Will Ferrell Puts His Nutsack On John C. Reilly’s Drumset

Step Brothers comes out on DVD today, and after trolling YouTube for a funny scene, I feel like I was kind of hard on the movie after seeing it in the theater (though not as hard as Roger Ebert). Step Brothers is one of those movies you have to go into in the right frame of mind, and I saw it while over-caffeinated and grumpy after work but before dinner. Wrong! The movie is silly and feels like it was created solely because the director was borrowing a big house for a few weeks anyway, but who cares? It has Will Ferrell’s nuts in it!:

I’m so happy about all the Google hits we’re going to get from Will Ferrell’s nutsack fetishists now. Other funny things about Step Brothers: The sleepwalking scene (which is technically the funniest scene), and the movie’s contribution to the catchphrase canon: “The Catalina Wine Mixer!” Netflix it, but watch it when your heart and mind are open to silly comedy. And Will Ferrell’s balls.