The City Should Be Called The Devil’s Public Relations Associate

There’s a new, even more detailed trailer for Whitney Port’s Hills spinoff, The City:

When the first promo for The City came out in October, Gabe astutely noted that Whitney Port herself seems to be barely in the show (he also noted that she’s dumb, but I’m not totally on that bandwagon yet.) And this new one, which further delves into the “problems” Whitney encounters while “following” “her” “dreams” in the “real” “New York City,” is conclusive proof that the premise of this show is “Hills cast member is so boring that in order to have a show, we have to surround her with evil, emotionally unstable, occasionally sobbing models.” And the “nest of rattlesnakes” plot they’re forcing on the show just isn’t realistic: LA (the city Whitney already conquered) is a nest of rattlesnakes. Gossip Girl is a nest of rattlesnakes. But unless Whitney really is monumentally Audrina-stupid, she should be able to meet the nice people in New York who came to New York to work hard, which is almost everyone. It’s almost like they did a casting session for good-looking people willing to look ludicrously evil to play the people surrounding perfect Whitney who are “not what they seem.” It’s almost like the show is based on that great movie, The Devil’s Advocate. OMG, it so is! Welcome to Babylon, Whitney Port. Stay away from John Milton Olivia The Social.