Stephen Colbert Announces “Operation Humble Kanye”

New Feud Alert: Stephen Colbert is once again calling the Colbert Nation to action. Enraged that his own Christmas album is only #16 on iTunes, while the arrogant Kanye West’s album is at #1, Stephen announced “Operation Humble Kanye,” asking fans to purchase “A Colbert Christmas” tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm, hoping to knock Kanye down a peg (and who doesn’t want to do that?) To add fire to this new fake feud, which will surely end with a Kanye appearance on The Colbert Report, Stephen takes some cheap shots, calling Kanye a “sunglasses display mannequin” and less a voice of his generation than Crocs. And a whole bunch more fightin’ words. It’s hilarious.

Let’s do it! Tomorrow at 5pm, let’s go to iTunes and buy the Colbert Christmas album (link here on the right, it’s $7.99), and show Kanye who is the voice of this decade, of this generation.