SNL Just The Funny Parts: Even Tim McGraw’s Enthusiasm Couldn’t Save This One

What happened this week, SNL? Has the post-election hangover really set in, with a Justin Timberlake ace already played? Were you scared to try anything interesting after blog criticism of last week’s “gay” episode? Or, worst-case, did you think that because of Saturday’s guests, no smart people would be watching? Because that would be really cynical. Tim McGraw was great — too bad the writing wasn’t. There only were three funny parts on this week’s show. Video after the jump.

3. This is described as “James Bond gets a visit from trailer trash,” which is weird because the entire point seems to be to show how silly James Bond movies are. (Incidentally, how much like Skeletor does Kristen Wiig look in this screencap? Because of the pixelation, not because she looks like Skeletor.)

2. On the first day of Videogum I asked “Is anyone else obsessed with Dateline’s Keith Morrison?” Finally, an answer! Bill Hader did a perfect impression in what I think was this week’s best moment (though it goes on a little too long.) Please, America, get on the Keith Morrison bandwagon:

1. And here’s the funniest sketch, and the one going around online — Rahm Emmanuel speaks his mind. Unfortunately, it’s online-only and didn’t air on the show, raising all kinds of “Why can’t they make the whole plane out of the black box?” sorts of questions:

The next show is December 6 with John Malkovich as host. Hopefully after a break the show will come back with their A-game. Or at least Britney Spears.