Do You Ever Get That Not-So-Fresh…Beaver?

Australians are the BEST. After months of complaints over Kotex’s “U” commercials, which started running down there in March, the authorities have decided not to ban the series of ads that feature an unnamed animatronic beaver who accompanies her human protagonist to beauty appointments, helps her choose men, and gets all excited when presented with the gift of Kotex tampons. Because it’s supposed to be a vagina, get it?

Hahaha, can you imagine that running in the States? Was it the inspiration for the Steve Carell Beaver movie? But this was the best part of Ad Age’s report on the un-banning of the beaver ads:

The success all make sense when you realize the creative idea was based on sound research. As the article details, Kotex research found that 90% of woman name their vaginas and that “beaver” was among the 181 names logged.

What? That can’t be true! And, if so, Australian women are such a mystery! But I have to know: what were the other 180 names? I know this is a stretch, but if anyone out there works in the research department of Kimberly Clark’s Pacific Rim branch, please send them to me! (That’s my personal email address, to spare Gabe the mental trauma.)

This has been really fun and video-related, guys. (That’s what she said.)