The Today Show Uncovers Shocking Family Secret: This Man Is Irish!

The Today Show is doing this series called “Family Secrets Revealed”, which appears to be just a way to be more like Maury without anyone calling them out on it. This morning, I guess to balance out the people who learn that their moms made them with dudes that weren’t their dads, they had this guy: all his life he knew he was adopted and that he had Native American ancestry. Until he was shocked, SHOCKED, to find out in adulthood that he was actually…part…IRISH!! (first two minutes):

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, like when they said he was “tackling the secret head-on,” I really thought he was going to start wearing a Leprechaun costume all the time, but nope, he just met his mom, who was blond, and probably just “Irish” in that way that Caucasians of unknown ancestry always just assume we’re “Irish…or something like that.”