How I Met Your Mother: This “Socks”

Hey, did you hear that Heidi and Spencer are going to guest-star as themselves on a January episode of How I Met Your Mother? I guess that’s fine. Did you know that Alyson Hannigan, who plays Lily on the show, is pregnant in real life? It’s true. Also, somebody at this new site called The Daily Beast thinks HIMYM is “The best show nobody’s watching,” which is funny because that was true for a long time, but then everyone (ratings-wise) just started watching it a few months ago. Um, hmmm, let’s see, what else, what else? Oh, I guess I may as well go ahead and address the elephant in the room…

The only thing that didn’t SUCK BALLS about last night’s “everybody suddenly wants a baby because of a fucking cute baby sock” episode was the fact that Jason Segel’s exasperated boss was THE DAD FROM THE WONDER YEARS:

Everything else sucked. Balls. Marshall isn’t ready to have a baby but the actress who plays his wife is pregnant and, like, 4′ 11″ so guess what, they’re getting one, and Robin moved in with Ted “temporarily” because she’s the mother. The end.