“The Serious Baby”: A Viral Video Representation Of This Election So Far

This video was on America’s Funniest Videos. It’s among the most popular YouTube videos of all time. You’ve probably already seen it. Nonetheless, no cute viral video so far more beautifully expresses the ups and downs of this election than the video known as “The Serious Baby”. Watch him again, for the first time:

It will also put you in a good mood, because it’s the most adorable baby ever in history. Everyone be safe tonight — remember, it’s all fun and drinking games until somebody goes to the hospital for alcohol poisoning from one too many “Yes, We Can” (or “My Friends”) tequila shots. And no matter what happens tonight, we’ll always have dumb internet videos. We’ll always have those. But here’s hoping we end the night on a laughing baby note, and don’t wake up giving the world the evil eye face.