Sarah Palin Gets Pranked Again — By SNL

Last night’s SNL election special was unwatchable except for this part, which I found while fast forwarding through a carefully curated selection of the least funny moments (and a few funny ones we’ve all seen a million times) from their election coverage. This segment, pre-taped on Saturday, proves Sarah Palin will just read anything put in front of her on cue cards. The un-funniness of the writing here, for once, seems very deliberate:

That was the most smug I’ve ever seen someone be while totally bombing. Scariest moment: “I should warn you, come January 20th, 2009, when I am sworn in as Vice President, you guys (NBC) had better knock it off! Otherwise I will get NBC’s broadcast license revoked.” Watching that line was like watching all the Saw movies at the same time. (Also, did anyone notice that they seem to have added a laugh track to the online version of this clip? Maybe it’s my TV, but I heard only inaudible, polite laughter last night, and there seem to be a few real, though undeserved laughs here.)