SNL: Just The Funny Parts: At Least We Have GIRAFFES

Well, that was a half-assed episode, wasn’t it? Ben Affleck was there even though he wasn’t promoting anything (did he just call Lorne and tell him he had a Keith Olbermann impression?), and they gave air time to a desperate old man (pictured, right.) And don’t give me jar glove. Jar glove was a repeat! After the jump, the funniest parts, including GIRAFFES.

5. I’ll decide whether or not this was funny at 11pm tomorrow night:

4. You might have to be an Olbermann viewer to enjoy this, and it starts out weak, but when Ben really gets going as Angry Indignant Olbermann, it’s pretty spot-on:

3. Alec Baldwin visits The View. Mostly funny because anything involving Alec Baldwin in even the most tangential way is funny:

2. And remember when they did SLOTHS? Here’s another in that series: GIRAFFES:

1. The best part of this week’s Saturday Night Live was this:

First Jon Hamm, now Paul Rudd? Who is casting this, my subconscious? November 15: OMFG!