Tina Fey Says Nice Things About Sarah Palin. Blech.

Tina Fey was on Conan last night, where she shared the behind-the-scenes story of Sarah Palin’s SNL appearance, including the fact that Palin offered to have her pregnant daughter, Bristol, babysit Tina’s toddler. She definitely puts to rest those rumors that nobody ever believed that Tina resented Sarah’s appearance and talks about how weird it was to meet her, but really, did she have to be THIS nice? I prefer to believe that Tina Fey is simply the most graceful human being on earth. The Jackie O. of comedy. Video after the jump.

Part one: “She was lovely” (Gag):

Part two, where Tina answers the question “Will Sarah Palin be on 30 Rock?” (Hell no!):

Hopefully Tina’s days of Sarah Palin impressions are over. Vote!