This Is That Guy Who Wins All The Lame Corporate Video Contests

Today the NY Times profiled a guy named Joel Moss Levinson, who makes his entire living (over 200k so far) by entering those usually-lame corporate user-generated video contests. He brilliantly figured out that since most people who are good at making advertising videos are too busy making advertising videos in their jobs to make free advertising videos in their spare time, most of the entries were going to be shit. So he made entries that weren’t total and compete unwatchable crap, and so he won. Genius. Here’s the video that won him the Klondike contest. (Note: I’m not saying it’s not extremely dumb, I’m just saying this dude has a smart strategy):

Joel uses Facebook and Twitter to get people to vote for his videos, which makes sense, but this part of the article didn’t really make sense:

He even calls 24-hour customer service lines at night, when he thinks the representatives are bored, and asks them to vote for him.

No, New York Times, he was either fooling you or he did that exactly once, because that doesn’t make sense. (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)