Mad Men: “That’s What Husbands Are For”

The Mad Men finale happened, and after weeks of tension, Grand Gesture-Watch ’62 finally came to an end. What a long, strange, long, long, too long, too many awkward pauses trip it’s been. The soap opera we all love (and some of us love to hate sometimes, but mostly love) concluded its second season with the Cuban Missile Crisis we all knew was coming, and the abortion dilemma we also all knew was coming, but maybe not so soon. It was a good episode, but it’s good to have a break from the show that’s like a regular TV show on Miltown. After the jump, two of my favorite clips. Here’s “to not thinking about things!”

While it can (and should) be argued that Don’s “grand gesture” to get Betty back was, you know, knocking her up, the letter is supposed to be the grand gesture, so here’s that part. It’s sweet, but I think regular viewers of the show see it as bullshit, and not just because Betty slept with that bar guy. Because Don is lying about all that alone stuff:

And was anyone else like “WTF” when Peggy gave this weird, kind of nonsensical monologue to Pete after she told him she’d had his baby? It’s even weirder/funnier out of context. Somebody wants an Emmy!:

It’s funny to imagine that when she says “I’m sorry” at the end, it’s because of her long weird monologue. “I’m sorry, but Matthew Weiner made me say that.” Who knows what will happen when the show comes back, but ignore other websites’ suggestions that the show will skip forward to the mid-’60’s. JFK’s assassination is only a year away, and there’s no WAY they’re missing the chance to milk the melodrama out of that event. Now what on earth are we going to watch? Days Of Our Lives?