Friday Fight: Which Costume Will Be The Borat Of 2008?

gabe: what’s going to be this year’s Borat costume?
lindsay: Well a few weeks ago, it was Sarah Palin
lindsay: And whatever, it probably still will be
lindsay: but I think if you really want to be creative, you need to go the non political pop culture route
lindsay: So I’m thinking Cathy Giess from 30 Rock is the way to go
lindsay: Frumpy clothes, mousy wig, mark wahlberg tshirt
lindsay: stuffed animals
lindsay: flowers in your hand to eat
gabe: what halloween party are you going to? the one held in an abandoned thread at

lindsay: Also, that show will have just aired the night before. It’s perfect
lindsay: Hahaha
lindsay: I don’t associate with non 30 Rock watchers
lindsay: you know that
gabe: i think your costume is a little obscure
gabe: to be the Borat of 2008
gabe: it’s not even the azamat of 2008
lindsay: Well, Borat hadn’t come out in 2006 when everyone was Borat
lindsay: So it could be Bruno!
gabe: ugh
gabe: it’s going to be really horrible
gabe: when everyone does a fake “gay” voice
gabe: for their favorite bruno jokes
lindsay: I don’t think I’ve heard a straight guy do a fake “gay” voice in like 8 years.
gabe: but it’s not going to be bruno this year
lindsay: I almost miss it, in a way.
lindsay: But not.
gabe: well your heart is filled with hate
gabe: is why
lindsay: Beverly Hills…Chihuahua?
gabe: i am sure that there will be at least one girl with asymetrical bangs in Bushwick
gabe: who dresses up as Sexy Beverly Hills Chihuahua
lindsay: hahahahaha
lindsay: Hmm, what about Twilight?
lindsay: It would be so easy — white powder and red lips
lindsay: Or true blood
gabe: i am not convinced that you have found the hipster costume of theyear
gabe: but you have definitely nailed
gabe: the junior high halloween demo
lindsay: Sarah Silverman?
lindsay: Just…Sarah Silverman?
lindsay: or a couple’s costume
lindsay: with a guy in a suit
lindsay: suit to be jimmy
gabe: ew
gabe: alex blagg says daniel “palinview
gabe: for girls i think it’s going to be
gabe: tina fey as sarah palin
gabe: that has the meta edge that the kids enjoy
lindsay: It’s true, the kids love that
gabe: also what about the joker
gabe: we are forgetting the joker

lindsay: OLD
lindsay: what are we, 5?
lindsay: five year olds will be the joker
lindsay: hipsters will be zombie heath ledger
gabe: i think you are going to be surprised
lindsay: How about the joker but the jack nicholson version
gabe: i think we should be really really clear on this
lindsay: that’s kind of meta!
gabe: just because you need a paragraph to explain what you’re being for halloween doesn’t make you any different from the 5-year-old who dresses up as the joker
gabe: do not spit i five-year-old faces
lindsay: I bet you can go to any walgreens and find a plastic “costume” with the joker’s face printed on the front of the shirt part
lindsay: that’s what you should be
lindsay: you should be a “latchkey kid”
gabe: buying a plastic costume at walgreens
gabe: is the ultimate hipster costume
lindsay: DIABLO CODY
lindsay: but pre divorce
lindsay: so with a Johnny’s Girl tattoo

gabe: juno
lindsay: how about juno, with a one year old kid doll
gabe: “hello, what do you have in the way of a one year old kid doll?”
lindsay: but get it? the costume idea is that old
gabe: “oh, this doll is far too old. 18 months? no.”
lindsay: and they have dolls of every age!
lindsay: I don’t think we can have this conversation without discussing the elephant in the room
lindsay: which is Mad Men
lindsay: There will be so many Mad Men characters
gabe: that is the elephant in your room
gabe: the elephant in my room is chuck bass
lindsay: the hipster version of that would be to play a really minor one scene character
lindsay: hahha
lindsay: that’s true
lindsay: I think you could make the face pretty well
lindsay: you described it accurately yesterday, with the squinting
gabe: chuck bass is a great costume because when people ask you what you’re supposed to be
gabe: you just say “i’m chuck bass”
lindsay: hahahahahahahahaha
lindsay: you really just dont’ even have to dress up
gabe: no
lindsay: that answer is the costume
gabe: you just breathe it
lindsay: chuck bass is a state of mind
gabe: it’s an expensive costume though
gabe: becuase of the limo rental
lindsay: ooh I have a scary one
lindsay: a tree
lindsay: from the happening
gabe: hahaha
gabe: wind
gabe: you could be zooey deschanel from the happening, but then you’d have to deal with complaints from the mentally disabled community

lindsay: Oh you know I could make that face.
lindsay: I’ve been practicing all my life
gabe: that’s true
lindsay: I wonder if people will break out their sex and the city costumes from halloween ’99
lindsay: or Indiana Jones
gabe: wait
gabe: i get raked over the coals for suggesting that people will dress up as the joker?
gabe: but sex and the city and indiana jones are now valid ideas?
lindsay: hahaha, raked over coals made of marshmallows!
gabe: coals are coals even if they are made out of candy
lindsay: re using an old costume because an out of ideas hollywood reused an old franchise is funny
gabe: well, we can at least be rest assured that the X-Files costumes from 1999 will remain int the closet
gabe: (where everyone keeps all of their costumes forever)
lindsay: What have been your favorite costumes?
gabe: when i was little my mom made me an ernie costume
gabe: with a big felt ernie head
gabe: and orange felt ernie gloves
lindsay: aww
gabe: and i had the striped shirt
gabe: and my life has been all down hill from there
lindsay: anyone’s life would be downhill from there
lindsay: You should be Christian the Lion
gabe: haha
gabe: you should be the “i like turtles” zombie

lindsay: hahaha
lindsay: “who are you?”
lindsay: ‘I like turtles”
gabe: yes
lindsay: that’s all you can say all night
lindsay: that one sounds so easy, maybe I will!
gabe: haha
lindsay: I still say Cathy Giess is the best.
gabe: i still say you are crazy wrong
gabe: with your ridiculous idea
gabe: the problem with your kathy costume
gabe: is that any cstume that will require too much explanation to too many people is a losing costume
gabe: the joke of a costume is a one liner, not a shouts and murmurs piece
lindsay: I know, but my argument is that anyone I go to a party with will get it
gabe: well then your party will have four people at it
lindsay: mark wahlberg tee?
gabe: i think you misjudge the popularity and prevalance of 30 Rock’s side-characters
gabe: even among your social group
lindsay: Whoever doesn’t get it will be UNFRIENDSTERED forever.
lindsay: I’ll be Cathy, and you be the joker, and we’ll see who more people compliment.
gabe: hahaha
gabe: how about you be kathy and i will be an adult
lindsay: That works too.