Katie Couric And Sarah Silverman Have Adorable Chemistry

Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Silverman for CBS Sunday Morning this week, introducing Sarah’s controversial comedy to the kind of audience who watches CBS Sunday Morning (you know, old people.) But Katie was apparently so charmed by the rest of the interview that she couldn’t resist putting an “extended remix” up on her blog this afternoon. It’s longer than most stuff we put here, but I think it’s worth it for Katie’s attempt to do a straightforward, objective interview with someone she’s clearly a total fangirl for. Katie can’t even help busting out laughing at Sarah’s impression of her dog after eating pot brownies. I was shocked that no hair-braiding occurred.

By way of apology for the Kimmel questions, Katie asks on her blog “What’s a girl to do?” Katie Couric and Sarah Silverman: adorable new best friends? I’ve never seen Katie Couric seem so genuinely amused (but maybe it’s ’cause of those great Palin ratings.)