Mad Men: Betty Is A Full-On Bitch Now?

This isn’t a recap, because it’s too late for a recap, but this was the most “whoa”-worthy moment of Sunday’s confounding episode of Mad Men: suddenly, Betty Draper has stopped wandering around guzzling wine in a housedress with dirty hair and has decided to channel her ennui into deliberately fucking up other people’s lives. As impending as some sort of moment like this seemed when Betty sent SaraBeth to lunch with Arthur in her stead, it’s a shock to see Betty be so hateful, taking self-righteous delight in another’s pain. You just don’t recover from this:

That is the most messed up version of living vicariously ever seen on a show about repressed housewives in the 1960s. Bad Betty! Also, if anyone has any idea/predictions about what was/is going on with Don/Dick, consider this an open thread, because: what?