Emile Hirsch’s Voting Ad Shows Us Where Depression Hurts

It’s another celeb get-out-the-vote ad, this time starring Into The Wild’s Emile Hirsch as a lonely young man you either want to slap or hug (let’s call him “Alexander Superbored”). I’m finding it hard to make fun of this one because it’s so sad, and because I like Emile Hirsch. It seems to be modeled on that maddening Cymbalta commercial:

Where’s the dog with its leash in its mouth, waiting for a walk to the voting precinct that will never come? I know the point is supposed to be “What are young people doing that’s so important that they can’t vote?”, but isn’t that insulting to young people? Are registered voters really spending their days watching cartoons, sitting on sidewalks, being (apparently) driven around by unseen chauffeurs while listening to classical music, and, most important: doing their own laundry? And wait a second, I just figured out the most unrealistic logic-fail in this whole entire thing: the character Emile is playing here would not have left the house, because he would have spent the entire day playing video games. You know it’s true.