Alec Baldwin’s Sarah Palin Impression

Wonderful Man Alec Baldwin was on Real Time With Bill Maher Friday night, where he eschewed shill duties for his (awesome) new book and instead helped fellow guests Garry Shandling and Christiane Amanpour Solve The Economy Crisis. It was an enlightening and lively conversation between three people who clearly know what they’re talking about (and Bill Maher). But the best part had to be Alec’s two Sarah Palin impressions: first, the winking, then the full-on blah blah blahing. Videos after the jump.

Alec’s Palin wink:

Garry Shandling didn’t even know Palin was hot until this impression:

And for those who want to see the more serious stuff, here’s a good excerpt of the discussion, which happens to include Alec threatening to rape Garry Shandling:

Who would have guessed that Alec Baldwin and Garry Shandling were huge Suze Orman fans?