90210: Someone Got Pushed! In The Face! About Racism!

Is anyone who watches this piece of shit show starting to think that maybe the writers don’t have a plan? Like maybe their attitude was just “Let’s get picked up for a second season, and then we’ll worry about writing clever lines or unpredictable plot devices.” It’s like that politics-logic where you do anything to get into power so you can change the corrupt system. They’ve already told us Dylan is Kelly’s kid’s father, last week they blew their sex talk wad and this week they went ahead and made Debbie’s boss a racist (and if that’s not enough, potential child predator!) who earns a punching out from Dixon. And even though it was easy and lazy and cartoonish, it was still the only real watchable moment of the entire episode, because you just can’t help but cheer a little when a guy like this gets punched out by an otherwise polite character who apologizes to his mother first:

I like how Silver knows the exact prison sentence for statutory rape in California. Is she studying for the bar exam? Because you don’t just know the exact prison sentence for statutory rape in California because you’re smart and you read a lot of books. Anyway, also Brenda deleted Dylan’s number from her phone, and this show is the worst.