Anne Hathaway Gets Grilled By David Letterman

David Letterman has been on a serious “cut the bullshit” tear lately, even for him. Last night Anne Hathaway went on his show to talk about her movie Rachel Getting Married, and they started off talking about how great she looked, and how she quit smoking, and how she had a “stressful summer”, and then all of a sudden Dave just launches into Anne’s recent larceny-boyfriend situation and despite her increasingly desperate deflection attempts and then outright protests, just WILL NOT QUIT until Anne spills her heart out. It’s kind of an amazing thing to behold. I think she just had a therapeutic breakthrough.

It’s impossible to watch this without wishing Sarah Palin would go on Letterman. Anne Hathaway is an actress who dated a smarmy guy and then broke up with him. It makes for more entertaining TV that Dave gave her shit for it, but it’s not really his or our business what Anne Hathaway does in her personal life. But Sarah Palin is our business. We need to, as a country, sic David Letterman on Sarah Palin. As he’s shown with b-holes ranging from Spencer Pratt to John McCain, David Letterman is our strongest weapon against bullshitters. Let’s do it, America.