Jason Bateman And Ted Danson Teach You How Not To Get Scammed By Girls

Apparently in the 1980s, a doctor recruited Justine and Jason Bateman and Ted Danson to teach teenagers about sex and love in a series of PSAs. Street Carnage has a short clip today that piqued my interest enough to search YouTube, where the site Fast Hugs put up a whole series of clips in the old days of 2006. But this one about “Girl Scams” was my favorite: Jason Bateman talking about getting fed sex lines by girls, Justine playing the trustworthy older sister, and Ted Danson singing the most repeated pickup line of the ’80s.

The stars of yesterday are funny in this context, but I think the WTF award goes to regular guy on the street “Jason” (not Bateman), whose assertion that girls will go home with you “If you still have your teeth and a bit of nose” makes no sense even after 9 “zzzzip!” viewings. (There are more like these at Fast Hugs. They’re great.)