New Microsoft Ads: We Don’t Need No Fancy Big-City Elitist Computers That Work

Say what you want about the Seinfeld Microsoft ads, at least they were vague. The new commercials, a delayed-by-several-years reaction to Mac’s “I’m A PC” ads starring Justin Long and John Hodgman, are clearly trying to position PCs as the average everyday person’s choice of computer. Where the Mac ads were criticized for being elitist, at least they addressed the superiority of their product over the competition, emphasizing the fact that PCs get viruses and break all the time. While these ads elicit feelings of democracy, community, and cheers for the underdog, the simple, bare, painful truth is that I don’t want to choose a computer based on what a 90-year-old great grandma chooses. I want one that, you know, works. Also, Eva Longoria is not a populist icon:

I hate the smug, smarmy “I blog for Obama” guy.