Mad Men: Little Sally Explains It All

Okay Mad Men, we get it: Things were very different back then. Also, you don’t have to cram every single thing that happened in the ’60s into your show. Everyone being confused by a Rothko AND Students For A Democratic Society both playing major roles in the plot of the same episode? Save some things for the ripoff shows! But anyway, last night, if we paid attention, we learned that the Drapers aren’t so perfect after all, and that Sal, too, has his secrets, and that little Sally Draper is our guide to understanding everything…

Don and Betty Draper are unrepentant litterbugs!:

Sal harbors a deep secret:

But seriously, for real, you know what I think? I think that when Sally was complaining about not being allowed to pee outside like her brother (because of sexism!) and Don told the story of living on a farm and having to go to the outhouse at night, and on nights when there was no moon they had to pull themselves to the outhouse through the dark on a rope, it was a metaphor for life in the ’60s, and the moon is god, and the outhouse is the good life (? I know!) and the rope is like the things they thought would lead to it like maybe fancy cars or club memberships or whatever. But then, they didn’t and people were like “What the fuck do we do now??” That sounds so hard! Like little Sally said: “I’m glad we don’t live in the olden dayth.” Hahaha, that’s so cute, kids say the darnd–WAIT! The time we live in now is actually just as bad, but in different ways! Explain it for us, Sally. Here’s that part:

I just mean this show is a little bit obvious, compared to The Sopranos.