The Garfield Scene From Smiley Face Is The Best

So many people have asked me in the past year if I’ve seen Smiley Face that I’ve just started saying yes because it was easier than explaining why I’d managed to flake on consuming a pop culture product so clearly aimed directly at my forehead. This weekend, I noticed Smiley Face on Showtime OnDemand and finally caved, and those people were right: it has a lot of really funny parts and Anna Faris is nothing short of genius in it. This was my favorite scene, in which Anna Faris’s character goes off on a deep thought tangent after seeing a framed picture of corn:

Even though this is probably the only stoner chick flick in existence, you can’t have a stoner chick flick without the chick making plans for the craft project she’s going to undertake as soon as she’s not stoned. And Anna Faris’s face is like this for the entire movie. She should have been nominated for a special Oscar just for that.