The Explosive Sexual Energy Of Russell Brand And Christina Hendricks Collides In Jimmy Kimmel’s Face

Our country’s two newest sex symbols (I just made that up), creepy sex addict VMA host Russell Brand and Mad Men’s blowsy Joan, Christina Hendricks, both appeared on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hendricks showed off her alabaster cleavage and tried to play down her sex kitten image with tales of small town plays and knitting circles. But Russell, always on-Brand (haha, get it?), after five minutes of drooling over Hendricks like she was a fully-loaded heroin needle in 2004, finally had to jump in and suggest some gross stuff he wanted to do to her. With only the subject of knitting as his conversational in, the ever-resourceful pervert suggested he and Jimmy re-enact the spaghetti scene from The Lady And The Tramp, but with two ends of a knitted bikini worn by Hendricks:

It seems like someday we’ll think of Russell Brand’s leather perma-pants the way we think of the smallpox blankets brought over by the conquistadors. After the VMAs, can we send that guy back? (Here’s his interview on Kimmel, by the way.)