Zack And Miri Make A Porno Red Band Trailer Good News For Obama

They should call it Kevin And Seth Make A Judd Apatow movie (down to the title design):

I’m so confused. Everything is seemingly spinning out of control. When I found out the Great Elizabeth Banks and the Needs To Shake Things Up A Bit Soon But I Still Love Him Seth Rogen were starring in a Kevin Smith movie, I thought “Oh well, they need to make money too so they can be in good things.” But this actually doesn’t look bad at all! I’ve watched it three times and kept my ears peeled for the classic hallmarks of awkward, pseudo-smart Smithian dialogue, and it appears to be clean. When this movie comes out on October 31, 2008, and if it’s good and gets good reviews and does well and is funny, do you know what that means? It means Obama is going to win! I never thought I’d say this, but (maybe) thank you Kevin Smith for (hopefully) issuing in a new era of Hope and Change.