Chris Matthews Threw A Bottle At Mike Birbiglia

Comedian Mike Birbiglia was a roaster at a Nantucket Comedy Festival roast of the comedy team Jerry “Ben’s dad who was also on Seinfeld and The King of Queens” Stiller and Anne “Ben’s mom who was also on ALF” Meara. Hardball host Chris Matthews was also present, and in the grand tradition of famous people showing up at a roast and being surprised that they get roasted too (like Carrot Top at Flava Flav’s roast last summer), Chris didn’t take jokey criticism of his show too well, as Mike explains on 23/6:

I said, “I love Chris’ show. I think I love it almost as much as he does–which is difficult. I haven’t heard someone laugh at their own jokes that hard since George Bush after Katrina. You got to hand it to Chris. He always has something to say, and when he doesn’t have something to say, he says it louder.”

At this point, Chris Matthews threw a bottle at me.

I’d like to clarify that it was a plastic bottle and it was empty, but it was still a bottle and it allows me to say the phrase, “Chris Matthews threw a bottle at me.”

I looked down at the man I watch on the news every day and said, “Chris, guess what? When you throw stuff, I win.”

There you have it: breaking news: Chris Matthews is slightly unhinged (via The Apiary.) Speaking of roasts, I’m actually kind of excited about the Bob Saget roast on Sunday! For real!