Oops, It Turns Out Trampoline Accidents Are An Olympic Sport

Last week in an “Olympics: Who Gives A Shit?” post I said that we would start covering the world-uniting, inspiring games when they started being funny or when they made “ill-advised trampoline tricks an Olympic sport.” Then Gabe made up some Olympic sports and included Trampoline Basketball. Well, thanks to a combination of the efforts of a tipster named Alicia and paying a very low level of attention this weekend, I now remember that the Olympics involve trampolines, trampoline accidents, and even Trampoline Basketball (though the latter two are not officially sports.) Could Women’s Wii Fit actually be next? Anyway, here’s a trampoline accident from the halftime show of an Olympic basketball game the other day:

After the jump, a collection of trampoline accidents from past Olympic-related competitions.

(Oh yeah, turn down your speakers unless you want to hear the most annoying song in the world.)