Mark Ruffalo’s Directorial Debut Sounds “Delicious”

Mark Ruffalo is directing a movie! Variety reports that this fall filming will begin on Mark’s directing debut, Sympathy For Delicious, starring James Franco, Chris Thornton, and himself. Mark Ruffalo is perfect and whatever he does will be perfect:

Thornton, who wrote the script, plays “Delicious” Dean O’Dwyer, a paralyzed DJ struggling to survive in his wheelchair on the streets of L.A. He turns to faith-healing and mysteriously acquires the ability to cure the sick — although not himself. Ruffalo plays a Jesuit priest who tries to help him come to terms with the limits of his gift, and Franco a rock singer in a band that exploits the suddenly famous healer.

Okay, that sounds weird, but the presence of James Franco is a good sign because he’s so hot right now, and Mark wouldn’t go and disappoint us by making a bad movie. (“Delicious”, by the way, was the name of Krazee Eyez’s housekeeper on that one great episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I only mention it because it took 45 minutes to remember where I’d seen that.)