[Sponsored] Fujifilm Z Spot LA Contest

Z-Spot NowWe interrupt Videogum’s usual posting schedule of Speaking Truth To Trampoline Accident Videos in order to display our first post that is an actual advertisement. For real, guys. Not like when we inadvertently engage in the capitalist system with “Netflix that shit” or “movie trailer, you guys.” This is a real ad for a real contest by Fuji that we are so glad is an ad for a contest by Fuji and not by, say, Preparation H, because, as you will see after the jump, we were asked to create our own video entries for the contest, and if it had been Preparation H the videos would be even more unwatchable than they are now, which is just mildly unwatchable.

The Grand prize includes roundtrip plane tickets and 2 night stay in Los Angeles for 2, $300 in spending money, a Helicopter tour of LA with limo transportation, 2 VIP tickets to the Z Spot Now Los Angeles event and 2 Fujifilm FinePix Z20 Digital Cameras. Decent!

All you have to do to enter is make the video that completes this video.What could be on that silly camera? LOLOLOL. I bet it’s so crazy! (It’s not that crazy). Here are our entries:

Normally we’d say something like “don’t even bother entering because there’s no way you could do better than us because we’re so great, it’s a lock, we’re like the Miley Cyrus to your Adam Chu Dance Crew, it’s stolen,” but we’re pretty sure you could totally do so much better than us. Like make us cry better. And then you’ll get to go to LA and meet your boyfriend, Danny Bonaduce. (Date with Danny Bonaduce not included in prize package.)

Enter here.