New Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trailer Fleshes Out Both Dog And Human Characters

The Greatest Motion Picture Event Of Our Time, Beverly HIlls Chihuahua, is still more than two months away, but Disney has fed the internet’s insatiable hunger for all things Papi and Chloe with a new trailer. It’s looking more and more like an exact cross between Look Who’s Talking Now, The Incredible Journey, Sex And The City, Lady And The Tramp, Milo And Otis, Taco Bell Commercials, and racism:

Salma Hayek and Drew Barrymore only contributed voices, and Jami Lee Curtis already does those gross yogurt commercials, but poor, poor Piper Perabo. She was probably like “Everyone pays the bills with kid’s movies if they can get ‘em. Nobody else will even notice. What’s the internet?” And then she found herself barking like a dog before millions of non-ticket-holders. On second thought, it can’t be as bad as Coyote Ugly. And on third thought this movie will probably make a ton of money.