It’s Time For Devil’s Advocate To Step Up And Take What’s Its

Today as part of their New Cult Canon series, The Onion AV Club celebrates one of the best bad-good movies ever, Devil’s Advocate:

How many other major-studio movies have had the guts to stage the battle of ideas between good and evil in such a stark fashion? None that I can recall. But mostly, The Devil’s Advocate is The Al Pacino Show, a camp romp through his full range of gesticulation and verbal gymnastics.

Scott Tobias puts probably more thought into analyzing this movie than the writers put into writing it, but it’s time for The Devil’s Advocate to officially take its rightful place next to Showgirls in the vaunted realm of ingenious bad movies. There are two clips in the essay that illustrate without spoiling, but if you want to relive the ludicrously over the top final scene, it’s here.