I Made Fun Of August, But Now I Want To See It

It’s a movie about August, 2001 and the failure of a dot-com startup that’s been out in limited release for a few weeks. It has a cameo by David Bowie that, despite what the trailer would suggest, is apparently very brief. But I am so sick of summer action movies and their constant hype that I think I’m going to go see August this weekend based on Owen Gleiberman’s Entertainment Weekly review:

Anyone who thinks that Josh Hartnett isn’t a true movie star should see his riveting, high-wire performance in August…They’ve made an indie Wall Street for the Internet era of virtual-profit hucksterism.

The 36% rating on RottenTomatoes be damned, I just want to see a movie with talking in it. People talking out of their mouths, saying words that represent ideas. I feel like I’ve been seeing only action movies and dumb comedies since I was fifteen, I’m exhausted, where is that movie? (See also: Man On Wire, which opens this weekend.)